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Case for bar type mobile electronic device (U)
Patent No. 8,430,240
Case for mobile electronic device with touch screen (U)
Patent No. 8,694,064
Protective case for portable electronic device (U)
Patent No. 8,879,245
Case for an electronic Communication Device (D)
Patent No. D746,805
Case for electronic device (D)
Patent No. D747,306
Patent No. D776,648
Patent No. D771,607
Patent No. D775,620
Patent No. D778,897
Patent No. D778,898
Patent No. D777,156
Patent No. D776,649
Case having a storage compartment for electronic devices (U)
Patent No. 9,049,283
Magnetic Closure for Electronic Device Cases (U)
Patent No. 9,206,630
Earphone (D)
Patent No. D746,792
Case having a Shock Absorbing Structure for Electronic Devices (U)
Patent No. 9,247,795
Stealth Cradle (D)
Patent No. D756,346

Trademarks Information

Spigen (Character Logo)
Reg. No. 4,551,217
Spigen Logo (Design Mark)
Reg. No. 4,391,335
Spigen (Standard Character)
Reg. No. 4,551,216
Spigen (Typed Letter)
Reg. No. 4,248,155
Spigen Essential
Reg. No. 5,147,290
Reg. No. 5,014,095
Air Cushion
Reg. No. 4,624,394
Spider Web Pattern (Trade Dress)
Reg. No. 4,915,612
Reg. No. 4,868,410
Reg. No. 4,919,453
Dia Cut
Reg. No. 4,727,346
Rugged Series
Reg. No. 4,757,898
Hybrid Series
Reg. No. 4,599,116
Tough Armor
Reg. No. 4,519,530
Slim Armor
Reg. No. 4,519,528
Style Armor
Reg. No. 4,676,734
Perfect Armor
Reg. No. 4,875,759
Rugged Armor
Reg. No. 4,757,897
Neo Hybrid
Reg. No. 4,551,032
Ultra Hybrid
Reg. No. 4,608,536
Crystal Shell
Reg. No. 4,646,539
Wallet S
Reg. No. 4,628,319
Liquid Crystal
Reg. No. 4,868,232
Liquid Air
Reg. No. 4,795,348
Reg. No. 4,715,217
Ultra Thin
Reg. No. 4,611,636
Aluminum Fit
Reg. No. 4,681,652
Leather Fit
Reg. No. 4,817,677
Thin Fit
Reg. No. 4,676,727
Air Fit
Reg. No. 4,875,699
Skin Fit
Reg. No. 4,875,707
Curved Crystal
Reg. No. 4,861,024
Teka Series
Reg. No. 4,933,518
Reg. No. 4,875,721
Aluminum Teka
Reg. No. 4,748,097
Stealth Stand
Reg. No. 4,933,671
Stealth Mount
Reg. No. 4,933,670
Stealth Cradle
Reg. No. 4,933,669
Stealth Car Cradle
Reg. No. 4,948,154
Apple Watch Stand (S330)
Reg. No. 4,948,221
Air Capsule
Reg. No. 5,100,911
Metal Slate
Reg. No. 5,093,057
Rear Guard
Reg. No. 5,079,883
Reg. No. 5,052,174
iPhone 6 Tough Armor FX
Reg. No. 5,061,199

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